Smart Packs

Medications Made Easy!

The right medications at the right time, every time.

Rachel Ahlstrom, a pharmacist at Cass Street Pharmacy in La Crosse is performing her final Smart Pack checks on medications in this image.

Taking your medications shouldn't be complicated. We package your meds in convenient daily dose packs.

What Are Smart Packs?

Smart Packs are a unique, individualized medication reminder and repackaging system where your medications are sorted, placed in special containers, and labeled with the time and date the medications should be taken. All of your vital prescription information is on each package in one convenient place for easy reference.

Why Should I Get Smart Packs?

Smart packs provide an advantage over traditional pill bottles because:

  • Smart Packs are easier to open than traditional pill bottles.
  • Smart Packs are detachable for ease of transport and convenience – just tear off the medication you need while you are gone instead of taking multiple pill bottles with you.
  • Smart Packs are color-coded which makes it easy to distinguish what time of day to take your medications.
  • Smart Packs serve as a medication reminder system – no more medication mix-ups.
  • Smart Packs provide peace of mind for you and your family, knowing your medications have been organized for safe administration.
  • Smart Packs include all of your medication for a 28 day period, and if your dosage or medications change during this time, just bring the Smart Pack back to Cass St Pharmacy Gundersen Health System and we can make the changes necessary.
  • Smart Packs are safer and more convenient for you because they are already filled for you and checked by the pharmacist.

How Do Smart Packs Work?

Smart Packs are prepackaged for you at Cass St Pharmacy Gundersen Health System and include all of your daily prescription medications in a convenient package

Are Smart Packs Right For You?

Smart Packs might be a great fit for you, if:

  • Setting up medications to take and when to take them is confusing for you.
  • You have several medications with varying doses to keep track of; and
  • You want your medications better organized or fewer bottles to carry around.