Rx Autofills

Would you like to have all your prescriptions filled each month
at the same time?

Image showing automatic refills of medicationsCass St Pharmacy Gundersen Health System's Autofill Program takes the hassle out of getting your prescriptions filled every month. We do it for you!  One trip to the pharmacy and you have all your maintenance medications ready for you. Our Autofill Program has your prescriptions filled as soon as they are due... saving you the time of calling to request them. We even take care of faxing your physician to request refills if necessary.

The Ideal Autofill Patient:

  • Has one or more maintenance medications – taken on a regular basis and filled monthly or every 3 months
  • Picks up medications soon after they are ready
  • Does not have many changes to dosages of these medications
  • Takes medications as directed and misses few doses

If you are interested in starting your maintenance medications on the Autofill program, stop in the pharmacy and speak to a pharmacist or technician.

What Autofills Can Do For You:

  • You will meet with a technician to decide which prescriptions should be on Autofill and at what time interval (30 days, 31 days, 34 days, 90 days – depending on your insurance company's policies and your personal request).
  • We will get your maintenance medications lined up so they are filled at the same time each month (this may require a smaller fill to get some meds in line with others – your insurance company will charge a copay).
  • We will fill all your maintenance medications when they are due.
  • We will contact your provider for refill authorization if there are no available refills on the current prescription.
  • We will call you when your prescriptions are ready to be picked up, or to arrange a delivery date. At this time, you can request other prescriptions that you need.

What You Need To Do So Autofills Work For You:

  • Take your medications as prescribed.
  • Maintain a relationship with your provider – they will not authorize refills if they haven't seen you.
  • If you have changes to your Autofill medications, please let us know.
  • If you get prescriptions for new medications, tell us if you want them on your Autofill list. They will not be added automatically.
  • Let us know if you have stopped taking your medications temporarily due to a health problem – this will affect when you will need your refills again. We may need to take you off Autofills temporarily.
  • Pick up your medications promptly when you get our call.
  • Don't call in your Autofill medications for refill. If they get filled ahead of schedule, they won't line up with your other medications.
  • If you haven't heard from us and your Autofill medications are due, give us a call.

How Do You Get Started On Autofills?

If you are interested in starting your maintenance medications on the Autofill program, stop in the pharmacy and speak to a pharmacist or technician.