MedPak Pharmacy Gundersen Health System




MedPak Pharmacy Gundersen Health System serves:

               * Assisted Living Facilities

               * Community Based Residential Facilities

               * Group homes

               * Residential care apartment complexes

               * Intermediate care facilities




The services we provide:

               - Locally owned and operated

               - In-house, on-call pharmacist available 24/7

               - Specialized drug packaging (co-mingled and unit dose options)

               - In-house pharmacy consulting

               - Facility staff education

               - Medication carts

               - Free Daily Delivery

MedPak Pharmacy Gundersen Health System

505 King St, Suite 154

La Crosse, WI 54601

Phone: 608-782-4448

Fax: 608-782-4449

Toll Free: 866-609-3708


Note: The e-mail above is not monitored on a scheduled basis. If your contact concerns medications, patients, or any urgent matter, please call our pharmacy 608-782-4448. Due to HIPAA concerns, patient information will not be transmitted via e-mail.