Health Resources

Helpful Links

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality - Evidence based medical guidelines for the treatment of certain diseases

Aging and Disability Resource Center of Western Wisconsin - 608-785-5700, Toll Free: 1-800-500-3910 - Providing information and assistance in accessing benefits and services to adults and families relating to aging, disability, mental health or substance abuse.

American Cancer Society - Cancer information

CDC - Centers for Disease Control - immunization information, international travel, information for patients andproviders

American Diabetes Association - Diabetes information

American Heart Association - Heart Disease information

American Pain Foundation - Chronic pain information - Prevent Medication Errors

Clinical Trials - Clinical trial information

Epilepsy Therapy Project - Epilepsy information

FDA - Food and Drug Administration - medication guides, drug approvals and recalls

Gundersen Health System - Health Information

Mayo Clinic Health System - Health Information

La Crosse County Human Services - (608) 785-5875 - Enhancing self-sufficiency and quality of life with respect for the dignity of the person served.

Herbs and Vitamins - | - Information about herbs, vitamins and minerals

MedlinePlus - National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health - patient information and videos about disease states, diagnostic procedures, prevention and wellness, and herbal products.

Morbidity & Mortality Weekly - Current public health issues

NIH - National Institutes of Health - provider and patient information, wellness and lifestyle information, alternative and natural medicine information, searchable database

Partnership For Prescription Assistance - Prescription Assistance Program

WebMD - Patient information and videos about health and wellness, searchable health topics, pill identifier, drug news, "Ask the Pharmacist" section.

Community Link - Community Link strives to maximize member health and independence by making members active participants in the care planning process so we can provide the "right care at the right time." Upon enrollment, each Community Link member becomes part of an interdisciplinary team that includes at minimum a registered nurse and a case manager. Other professionals and family members also may participate as needed or desired. The team then assesses the member's needs and preferences, determines the "outcomes" the member wishes to achieve and creates an individual service plan to help achieve those outcomes.

WHO - World Health Organization - Health information about different poplulations, worldwide statistics, basic tools for education.