Compounding Pharmacy & Specialty Formulations


What Is a Compounding Pharmacy or Pharmacist?

Historically, all medications were crafted by pharmacists for use by a specific patient; the pharmacist would use his or her expertise to compound these medications.  Today, almost all of our medications are produced by large pharmaceutical companies in a “one size fits all” manner.  Pharmacy compounding is the practice of combining medications to create a treatment that will focus on the individual needs of the patient.  Think of compounding as if we were creating your medications from scratch according to a recipe, specifically for you.

Why Use a Compounded Medication?

A compounded medication may be an alternative for you under the following cirumstances:

  • Current medication therapy is not controlling your medical condition
  • Unwanted side effects (drowsiness, dizziness, dry mouth, upset stomach, constipation)
  • Specific dosage size unavailable (mostly seen in children)
  • Different formulation of a medication is needed (tablet, liquid, topical creams/ointments)
  • Possible allergies to dyes or certain products in a medication
  • Inability to absorb medications properly
  • Drugs on short-supply or discontinued by manufacturer
  • Addition of flavoring desired

All of these situations are opportunities where one of our compounding pharmacists can help your doctor or healthcare provider find an appropriate alternative treatment for you.

Why Choose Cass St Pharmacy Gundersen Health System For Your Compounding Needs?

We see many different patients with medical problems that require complex medication regimens.  Our staff works closely with local medical providers to ensure you are getting safe and effective treatment.  We will routinely assess your treatment with a compounded medication and communicate your progress or any concerns you have to your provider.

Our compounding pharmacist has been formally trained by PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America), is up to date on compounding techniques, and commands clinical expertise required to partner with your physician in selection of an appropriate compounded medication.  After your prescription is sent to us from your doctor’s office, your compounded medication can be ready within as little as 24 hours.  

We will also bill your insurance!

Need More Information About Our Compounding Pharmacy?

Please contact us any time for information or visit us at our location in person. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.