About Us

When You Need More From Your Pharmacy

As your pharmacist, we are an important member of your healthcare team.  

We take an individualized approach to helping you.  We work with your doctor to make sure your medication is used correctly and that you understand your medications. There is a difference in a locally owned independent pharmacy -- one-on-one care.  You're not just a customer, you're a patient.  

When you need more from your pharmacy, ask your doctor to send your prescriptions to Cass Street Pharmacy. 

Our Mission

The Cass Street Pharmacy is dedicated to the delivery of innovative, individualized, and comprehensive pharmacy care to achieve safe and effective use of medications by partnering with patients and care providers. Our aim is to demonstrate sincerity and compassion to those we serve.

The Cass Street Pharmacy has been independently owned and operated in La Crosse since 1989, first as The Medicine Shoppe, and then changing to Cass Street Pharmacy in 2008.