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Seasonal Allergies

News from Ken and the Team

Allergy Season is Upon Us


Image of crab apple blossoms

Spring not only brings warmer weather, but is also the start of allergy season for millions of people.  As the trees, grasses, weeds and flowers begin to bloom, different pollens are produced and spread throughout the air.  These pollens trigger histamine release in the body, which leads to allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, and congestion. 

You may be more likely to have allergies if you have asthma or eczema or if someone in your family also has allergies.  Allergies can develop at any age but are more common in young children (> 2 years of age) or young adults.  Seasonal allergies occur during the time of year when certain plants and trees begin to pollinate. For some people, allergies can occur all year round.  Allergy symptoms can be severe and disrupt daily functions if not treated. 

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